10/23/18. Rogers-Ashdown AR.

DAY #5

DSC_0065 (1).JPGToday didn’t start out that great.  Another cool but clear morning.  It was neat (am I dating myself?) to see the  stream coming off the water.  After putting everything in its place and getting the trailer hooked up, I took one last look around my lake front camp site and off I went.  It was a really tight turn out of the campsite and also uphill.  I turned it as sharp as I could (I did not want to have to back the trailer going down hill in a really tight space) and in the process scraped something on the passenger side of the truck.  I thought man, that’s not good.  I got out and checked and saw the damage was limited to the hook being scratched, not that big of a deal.  Still it kind of freaks me when my stuff isn’t all shiny and new.  Maybe one thing I can learn from this journey is to not sweat the small stuff and if you don’t, it’s OK.

So, after about fifteen minutes I picked myself up from the ground where I had been laying in the fetal position and went on my way.  ALERT:  That last sentence was supposed to be humorous.  The humor is in the absurdity of the situation.  I guess maybe if I have to describe it, it ain’t that funny.

Took no freeways today and man, it was a long day on the road.  Twisty, curving, up and down from start to finish.  The one good thing I didn’t have to deal with was that omnipresent slow car ahead of you on two lane roads, today I was that person!

Arkansas is a very pretty state.  Thick with trees nestled within soft topped mountains. It does throw off a laid back vibe, I’m liking it here.DSC_0068 (2).JPGDSC_0067 (2).JPGAround four in the afternoon reached the next destination, Millwood State Park, which is approx. nine miles outside of Ashdown, Arkansas.