03/03/19 Flamingo-Everglades, FL

DAY 134

Last full day at the Flamingo-Everglades National Park and I have mixed feelings about the time spent here.


  • You are about as far away from the mad dash of life that you’re going to get.
  • So many things to see and do.
  • It’s a beautiful park in all its natural splendor.
  • Temperature.
  • Long ways to drive to get into/out of park.


  • No OTA TV.
  • No Internet Cell Service.
  • Long ways to drive to get into/out of park.
  • Humidity.
  • Sunburn.

I do have this nagging feeling that I’ve fallen down and failed to see so much of South Florida.  I didn’t get into Miami, or even see the Atlantic Ocean for that matter.  There were so many things to see and do in the park and I did but a smidgen (if even that) of them.  Yes, I went down the Keys, but even with that, I felt like I cheated on the amount of time given to do so.

The ghosts from the past still run around in my head, only confounding and exacerbating these feelings I struggle with, all the while, lessening the experience called life.

OUT OF LEFT FIELD QUESTION: Now tell the truth, when you’ve gotten sunburned and the skin began to peel, did you ever taste the skin? Told you it was an oddball question. The only reason I’m asking is my legs are beginning to peel.

OK, where did we leave off?

In an effort to lighten my spirits, and to satisfy a need for accomplishment, I booked a cruise on a pontoon that would take us out into the bay.  The boat was pretty much like the one the other day that went into the backwaters.  The price was the same, plus this one had an upstairs for even better views.  Off we went, precisely at 5:00 pm, and for the next 1:45, sailed around the bay. As we went along on this simply gorgeous evening, were able to see a number of different birds, and making a special appearance, 4-5 dolphins, they spent a bit of time entertaining us, or maybe we were entertaining them, they’re such smart creatures, and then they swam off. 

You can never get enough Crocodile pictures.
Just passing by.
Two baby Osprey.
All I can say about the photo is it documents the dolphins where there.
You’d get set to shoot (photo), and they move.
View of campground from the bay.
A number of factors play into the turbid water.

The climax of the cruise was getting to watch the sun set while out on the water.  It was an enjoyable cruise ending with just a beautiful sunset.  My spirits were lightened, mission accomplished.

OK, enough with the sunsets.

Maybe I need to do a bit more introspection and get a better handle on just what this time on the road is supposed to be about.  Yea, it’s a good time to sit and reflect on what’s happen so far, and what the expectations will be for the trip north.

Saddle up cowboys.

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