03/06/19 Kissimmee Preserve, FL.

DAY #137

Today was household chores day. Don’t kid yourself, it isn’t always fun and games on the road, OK, it usually is but I need to pretend otherwise, in order to throw off those who have responsibilities, like going to work every day, The chores included going into Okeechobee to get a prescription refilled, draw out some cash at an ATM, and last but not least, do laundry. Of course, I forgot to take the sheets with me so I hope laundry’s fun, cause I’m going to be doing it again tomorrow.

I like the vibe I got from Okeechobee. It’s a working class kind of town with a history, and a small town feel to it. Like the Everglades, it’s a hike to town, but the ride doesn’t’ seem as long as it is.

A popular park for viewing the stars, etc.
A view of the park.

Afterwards, headed back to the campground, put the laundry and groceries away and hung out for the rest of the day. It seems my donothingitis hadn’t completely gone away, I felt a relapse coming on.

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