03/22/19. Fargo, GA.

DAY #153

Somewhere yesterday between St. Augustine and Stephen C Foster State Park, I lost the top of my LP tank cover.  Yes, the tank cover that I had just bought and put together.  I don’t think it was anything I did or didn’t do, I’m not sure what happened.

 Now I know it’s not a big deal to most people but to me, I won’t let it out of my head until it’s replaced, hey call me quirky.  Plus, I wanted to get a replacement latch to hold the trailer door open.  The original one broke when I shut the door with the latch attached.  I found that super glue does not work well on ABS plastic (at least in my experience).

Before heading out I wanted to check the campground out.  The sites are deep but fairly narrow.  There’s enough foliage to create a natural fence from your neighbor, but you still know they’re there. Behind the site is where the view really gets good.  You look out into the swamp/woods and the towering pines raising straight and true to the sky. 

The road through the campground while paved, is winding and narrow.  I think if you had a big RV, it might be a bit of an effort to get it in and out.  It’s a decent campground.  Kind of looks like a camper’s sub-division. Looks cramped, but everyone has enough of their own space to make this setup work.

The bathrooms an showers are just a short walk away and look to be clean and in nice shape.  There  is one washer and one dryer available, always a nice little extra.  One thing I really like is outside the bathrooms, there’s an enclosed screen porch, and in this space two or three rocking style chairs that you can just sit in and watch the world go by.  Not a biggie, just haven’t seen anything like it before and it works.

Having given the campground, the once over it was time to head out towards Valdosta, where there was a Camping World.  Conferring with google once I had Verizon service;  mapped out a route, put the truck in D, and off I went.  It was about a 45-mile drive that would take me along some of the highways and secondary roads of Southeast Georgia

I find it really neat to find these old homes and buildings. They give us a snapshot of a different time.  I know that there’s a lot of bad, despicable things that white southerners did (and sadly many continue to do) to African-Americans, I don’t celebrate nor embrace that heritage, what I do find so appealing and  embrace, is the way life that used to be before the homogenization of America’s cultures.

Saw this, it says a lot about the area.

After a couple of hours meandering around the back roads, made it to Valdosta and Camping World.  I was able to get everything I needed, and after a quick look around Valdosta, Headed back toward the campground.

Decided to get off the pavement and do some hard-core meandering for a spell.

Driving along these dirt roads I was surprised to come across a number of pretty large field growing, I wasn’t sure what.

Later, I found out they’re blueberries. and are just coming out of their dormant stage.

Made it back to the Refuge and it was still light, I decided to take a ride down the narrow but paved road called the Suwannee sill.  It runs for a mile along the edge of the swamp and brings you to the headwaters of the Suwannee river (the inspiration for the mid-19th century song).

If you look hard, you can see the Bobcat.  It was so mega-cool to see.

From the sill, it was a seven-mile drive to the campground.  It was quickly turning to dusk, along the way, I got to see three deer.  It was an enjoyable end, to an enjoyable day.

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