03/25/19 Fargo, GA.

DAY #156

Today’s ramblings from the Old Man.

Slept in late today, I continue to have trouble sleeping at night (but I could sleep all day), adding to the frustration, I get the ‘jimmy arms’ and ‘jimmy legs.’  Not sure what I mean? You’ll have to watch the sitcom Seinfeld for the answer.

While walking down the road (path) to the bathroom, I noticed how quiet the campground has become.  All the weekenders have gone home, and the road travelers have yet to arrive, it’s kind of nice.

The only thing that I’m not really happy about here is the lousy (as in non-existing) cell service.  The OTA signals do give me a handful of public service stations (the boring ones) so I guess I should be appreciative of that.  

I understand the argument of how camping is all about being one with nature with getting away from manmade distractions being one of its goals.  If I were out on the road for a relatively short period of time, I would/do embrace that thinking, but since this has almost become a way of life, I miss the niceties that man can sometime provide. 

Lying in bed, I’m still finding it reassuring when I hear the hot water heater kick on.  It tells me its working and hot water is at my disposal.  It can be quite loud and startling when it first comes on since it sounds slightly like a jet engine winding up. I can imagine that over time, it might become a sound that I will find more and more annoying, and knowing me, start ‘pissing and moaning’ about it.                             Check back to see how it turns out. 

It really is a pretty campsite, some more views of my backyard.

Took a ride into town and got me a fountain drink. Afterwards, found a place to park down near the Suwannee River, and while humming that famous song about the river, surfed the web for about an hour.  It was such a nice day, and such a cool spot to hang out.

Saw the turkeys again on the way back to camp, always get a charge when see something, even if seen before.

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