04/16/19 Anderson, SC

DAY #178

After looking over the area on the web, I decided to head north a couple hours into the foothills of the blue ridge mountains and North Carolina.

The terrain is this part of South Carolina is flat to rolling hills, seeing in the distance what looked like to me mountains really gave me a jolt. I’ve been in the flatland’s so long and they came about almost unexpectedly.

As I continued my drive the hills became steeper and longer and before I knew it I was in the mountains. I stopped at a scenic outlook and wow.

I really wasn’t expecting these views, simply stunning (at least for me).

You in Jackson County, North Carolina son, you’re in my jurisdiction now.

Continued driving the twisting winding roads and came upon a side road, I just couldn’t resist checking it out.

After going down the road for about three miles I decided I’d satisfied my back road needs and headed back to asphalt, It was an enjoyable, if bumpy ride.

I ended up in a place called Cashier, North Carolina, and judging by the number of country clubs and gated resorts, along with the high end automobiles passing me on the road, I’d entered the land of the well healed.

It was a fun time going up into the mountains, seeing the sights, and saying I’d spent some time in North Carolina, but it was time to head back. Took a leisurely drive back down into South Carolina and eventually made it back to the campground.

It was a good day.