02/14/19 Naples, FL

DAY #117

Weather wise, this was the nicest Valentines day in a long time. It was like Nature asking me to be its Valentines (does that sound weird?), how could I say no?

Finishing up my fourth day in the forest, and man oh man, I haven’t even been to the beach yet. The only place I’ve gone is Golden Gate, and that was only to get groceries, etc.

No specific reasons why. I’ve just found the campground in the Picayune State Forest, a real comfortable place to hang out. When you cross over I-75 (Alligator Alley) heading south, the view is phenomenal (at least for me). There’s only God’s creations all the way to the horizon. It’s such a departure from the world on the other side of the bridge. It lulls you into not wanting to leave. it’s sure working on me.

The campground is up to the right about 1000′

Add in the weather, which other than the one day, has been exceptional. The trailer is set up with potable water, the generator is working, so there’s electricity, and the toilet & water pump are operational. Mix in TV shows like Judge Judy, Peoples Court, Gun smoke, Rifleman, etc, and its been easy to drift away until you realize it’s 5:00 pm. Still, I do feel a bit guilty about being so unproductive.

One of the canals that still remain.

Signing off, from the chaise lounge outside the trailer, on this splendid late afternoon.