02/17/19 Naples, FL.

DAY #120

The current home away from home.

Started out the day by doing some horseback riding. I found a site online, inquired, and set up a one hour ride. the best part of it, they came to the campground. All I had to do was walk out the trailer and across the grounds, and I was ready to go. One of the benefits of camping at a spot that also has trails for horses. The cost was $60.00, which may be a tad expensive, but I enjoyed it, so therefore, it was worth it.

Looks like the horse is saying, get this guy off me.
I think I heard the horse say, oh my aching back.

After finishing riding, it was head in to civilization to get some gas for the generator. Before leaving, I talked with the guy who was camping next to me (nice guy but why did he park so close to me?), and decided to take a different, more adventurous way out of the park. But first, I went back to a spot I’d stopped at yesterday and only gave a precursory look around. He had told me about the pond behind the water plant, and that I should check it out. I did and it was so cool.

Just me, the birds, and the gators. I do love solitude.

Lets not forget these guys.

A very big gator.
Not quite as big, but he has aspirations.

I noticed all these fish jumping around in the water, no wonder this is such a hotspot, all you can eat fish.

Kind of ugly looking fish, but the birds like them.

Way off in the distance, I could see what I thought to be a bald eagle and nest. I started walking towards it. The grass was getting higher and each step brought me closer to the waters edge. I wasn’t sure who or what may have been there so long story short (again), I didn’t get that National Geographic shot I wanted.

Next up was getting gas for the generator (and truck). I started taking the way spoken of earlier, and for the first couple of miles, all went well. The road was paved and in relatively good shape (for being 50 years old).

I wasn’t quite sure where to turn, and had fingers crossed that it would become obvious when I got there (great plan, right). I’m cruising along, trying to see everything and, yes you guessed it, along came another vehicle, can’t just cruise down the road in the middle of nowhere in peace. In this case though, I wasn’t upset. I thought great, I’ll just follow them, problem was, they were driving too damn fast, given the condition of the road.

Continuing down the road, went past a side street that I had a gut feeling was the one needed to take, but the other car was still going straight, so I continued to follow. A little further along, and getting a bit anxious, came across a man and woman biking. I pulled up next to them and asked for directions. Sure enough, the street I thought was the right one turned out to in fact, be the right one. I was so lucky those two were on the road because otherwise I would have just kept going straight until the road ran out (which it does). I guess having people around isn’t always a bad thing. I don’t know where those other folks were going, and I didn’t hang around to find out. I turned the truck around and back to 78th and Miller Rd. It’s weird to say 78th & Miller, because there’s literally nothing there, other than (oddly), a street intersection sign in very good condition (maybe that should have been a tip off).

Back to 78th, turned left, and away I went, feeling like a pioneer breaking a new trail. As I’ve said before (and will probably say again), these are the most fun roads, and the most scary. The road was water rutted in spots which meant, go slow, and at one point, there was a sign warning you that when water present, the road becomes impassable. Fortunately, its been dry lately and the roads were all dry. It took around 45 minutes to get out of the Forest and back to the sights and sounds of the big city.

I enjoyed it so much, I took the same route back. Buckle up, and lets take a ride.

I did see a deer run across the road on the way back.

I get back to the campground and remember, damn, I forgot to get gas. Do I go and get gas (another 40 minutes of driving), or hope there’s enough for the generator to make it through the evening? I decided to get gas and thought maybe I’ll see something on the roads coming back. Well, I didn’t see anything, but at least, we got gas!

Beautiful day, and one that I can feel good about, I enjoyed it.