02/24/19 Flamingo-Everglades, FL

DAY #127

Woke up this morning and instead of my feet and legs feeling better, they had only gotten worse.  Now, my right foot had a big blister just below the toes, and on my left foot, a series of blisters above my arch.  Both feet have become grotesquely (to me anyway) red and swollen, and when I got out of bed, I could barely stand, much less walk.  I thought to myself, this is not good, as I literally hobbled about the trailer.

Right foot.
Left foot.

I stumbled across the road to the bathroom & dumpster and quickly realized it was a mistake.  I couldn’t wear any shoes, so the bottom of my feet was super sensitive to the rocks, plus every step I took was downright painful.  Another situation I found myself in, where to an onlooker it may have been humorous to watch, but to me, it was downright embarrassing.

 I’ve always had this thing that no matter what, I must retain my dignity.  I don’t mind people laughing with me, but I do not like people laughing at me, or at my expense (good nature kidding is OK).  It’s another hypocritical side of me, if remaining dignified always is so important, how do I justify the meltdowns, and tantrums I have if something doesn’t go exactly my way.  I got to tell you, during those times, I look anything but dignified.  Slowly, ever so slowly I made it back to the trailer, thinking the whole way, today was pretty much cancelled.

I laid back down on the bed, putting my legs up and almost instantly, the tightness, and pain along with the swelling began to subside.  I’d found the place to be and I was going to stay there for a while.  I turned the tablet on, brought up the kindle app and began reading the book about Reconstruction in America I had downloaded.  I could tell within the first page, this was not going to be light reading. 

One thing that reading accomplished, it put me to sleep (is it supposed to do that?).  I woke a couple of hours later and felt well enough to take a bare footed ride into Florida City.  Along the way I stopped at the park entrance and updated my blog, along with checking some other stuff over the internet.

When I left the trailer, for the park entrance and Florida City, the temperature and humidity continued to bake and finally, I gave in, I put the A/C on in the truck and it felt good, really good. I turned it off while at the park entrance but then back on it went while going into and coming back from the “City.”

The plan was to go to Popeyes Chicken in town (really like their red beans & rice and their biscuits), use the drive through, and then head back to camp.  Long ways to go for fast food chicken but I could justify it by saying, it wasn’t that far from the park entrance and since I was already there…you get the rest of the story.

I did get to see a bit of downtown Florida City and it was interesting.  While today, it has become part of the great exurbs of metropolitan Miami, there was a time when it had its own distinct identity.  I was surprised at the number of 1950s and 60s styled motels.  I think at one time this may had been the gateway to the keys, but that was decades ago, and now now like the city itself, a long-faded memory.

Made it back to camp, put the chicken & side dishes in the microwave and sat down to a satisfying meal, not sure if it was worth the two-hour ride (although I still do enjoy the ride through the park).  Then it was back in bed (legs up) with tablet in hand and calling it a day.

A little concerned what tomorrow will bring.

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