02/25/19 Flamingo-Everglades, FL

DAY #128

Today I did nothing.  I went out to use the bathroom in the morning, but that was the only time I left the trailer.  The burn looks and feels about the same.  I’m so tempted to drain the blisters, but I know that’s not a smart thing to do.  Don’t want to make this experience any worse, something I need to keep telling myself.

Looks even worse close up.

Stayed in bed reading and dozing, getting up occasionally for some water and ahem, other things (so glad the toilet works).  It looks like I may have more (small) blisters forming on my legs and while worrisome, I don’t think they’ll develop into anything serious.

 It’s amazing that when the body is healing itself, you can sleep for hours at a time when normally it would drive you crazy to be in bed that long.

I’m really missing not having any TV or internet.  There’s nothing better than some mind-numbing distraction to whittle away the hours while lying in bed all day.  I’ve always liked to read, but in this age of instant entertainment options, it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and read for any length of time. Finding I’m out of practice and it’s taking somewhat of an effort to keep reading.  Of course, the fact that I’m reading what’s little more than a text book may play a role in its difficulty factor.

One other area that’s weighing heavily on my mind today. There’s so much to see and do in the area and because of this sunburn, I’m not doing any of it.  I feel like (once again) I’m failing.

As the song goes…poor, poor, pitiful me (what song is that from?).

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