02/26/19 Flamingo-Everglades, FL

DAY #129

How’s the invalid doing today? 

A part of the nursing staff.

Woke around 10:30 am, and after a night of elevation, the legs and feet have lost a lot of their swelling and almost look to be normal in size, now to see how they handle being walked around on and no longer elevated.  The blisters look about the same and are the main detriment in being able to get foot wear on my feet. Took a stroll over to the bathroom/shower (man, are the bottom of my feet sensitive) and It didn’t feel as uncomfortable walking as yesterday, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

I’ve noticed that the skin on my face is beginning to flake off from the burn and in parts, is feeling somewhat raw (that’s just great). I’m thinking shaving, as well as showering is out for a while. Oh well, at least when I go into the less desirable parts of town I should fit right in and not be mistaken for some tourist and hit up for money or just plain hit up (now is that nice to say).  

I’ve had the A/C on in the trailer for a couple of days now and it’s done an OK job in bringing both the temp and humidity down.   Along with the other things (toilet, shower, microwave, fridge, etc.) I’m so thankful it’s working.

The weather’s continued to be hot and humid plus, have had a little rain as well, once you put that A/C on, you’re hooked, and its goodbye outside, I’m nice and comfy in here.

Later in the afternoon, I headed out to the park entrance to continue working on the blog, and to test how my recovery was doing. While I’m still enjoying the drive, 80 miles round-trip can be long just to get internet reception, plus, the trucks not the most comfortable to work in for any length of time.  I will say this, the truck is getting quite a workout, if I keep this up, it’ll be old before its time.  

I noticed that after a couple hours sitting in the truck, my legs and feet, especially the feet, began to feel hot, swollen, and increasingly uncomfortable.  I’m thinking that was the bodies way of telling me, OK, enough for today, need to go back to the trailer and get these boys elevated.

I listened and headed back to camp.  Before leaving, I went on Amazon Kindle and found another book to download.  While still a serious work in its nature, the reading should be a lot easier than the textbook that remarkably, I had just digested.

That little man called failure has been talking to me in a booming voice the last couple of days (figuratively speaking, I’m not really hearing voices), it’s been pointing out over and over howI’ve fallen down in checking out the area.  I had expectations of seeing Miami and going down U.S. 1, to Key West.  Now I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do any of that.

I’ll try and find solace in the words, tomorrows another day, and a fresh start.

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