02/27/19 Flamingo-Everglades, FL.

DAY #130

Slept in late (like 2:00 pm late), continuing to keep the feet elevated.  I may be a bit optimistic, but my self-inflicted injury seems better today.  The blisters are still there (they look so cool, maybe I can keep them…NOT!) along with the general overall tenderness of the legs and feet, but the swellings gone down, and they look just a little more normal.

I was able to put my slippers on and walk short distances without much discomfort.  The slippers seem to go over the blisters without much pressure.  Now at least, I’ll be able to walk around outside and go into stores if I need to get anything and not freak anyone out.  I’m thinking, it’s going to be a day, maybe two before I’m ready, but it’s a step in the right direction, so I’ll take it.  I’m still going to look like some oddball but were talking places like Walmart, so I should fit right in.

Following Doctors orders (I’m self-treating), other than using the bathroom in the morning, I stayed in the trailer/bed the entire day.  Wow talk about shutting yourself up.  I slept and read most of the time while keeping the feet up.  One thing for sure, I’m not tired, but I am a bit cranky.

Hoping tomorrow is better, and maybe I can get out and about for a while.

I know what I’ll do.  I haven’t shaved or showered all week (I’ve given myself a sponge bath, so I’m not randy), and I’ll wear some dirty wrinkled clothes. Add to that my burned feet and legs (that’s the sympathy angle) and throw in the fact I’m an old white guy, I could find a good spot and do some panhandling.  A much more pathetic (or unique) figure you would not find on the streets of Florida City.    

Hey, who couldn’t use the extra cash?  OK, maybe I’ll think of something else.

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