03/08/19 Kissimmee Preserve, FL.

DAY #139

Another lazy day in the Preserve. Stayed up late last night, and slept in late this morning. Damn, I can’t seem to shake this dreaded donothingitis. (OK, I think we’ve just about played that line out).

The weather has been nice. Each day it’s gotten a little warmer, and with no rain. It is somewhat of a mini bummer that the humidity is rising along with the temps..

This is turning out to be one very laid back relaxing campground for me. I’ve like being tucked back into the trees. I’ve seen deer a couple of times, and there’s turkeys that come around. I like how they scratch the ground looking for food. Add to that the squirrels, crows, and buzzards, and it ends up being quite an enjoyable place to just hang.

I did head into Okeechobee late in the afternoon to wash the truck. It’s been awhile since it’s been cleaned and with all the dirt roads I’ve been on since last wash, it needed it. Coming back from the town, Wow, when you get into the park at night and turn the lights off in the truck, it is so dark, I can see why people come here to explore the night sky.

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