03/09/19 Kissimmee Preserve, FL.

DAY #140

I’m afraid I’ve taken a turn for the worse, I did even less today than yesterday.

The biggest accomplishment was using a fair amount of elbow grease along with bug & tar remover to get the dried on/air blasted bugs off the front of the truck. I had such momentum going, I did the windows on the truck as well, and then, I faded fast.

The weather continues to be warm and humid, and makes a great backdrop for just hanging out. This week, I’m not feeling guilty about doing so little. I’m super comfortable being here, there’s just not that much to do in as far as activities and/or excursions. There are some trails that could be walked, that’s a work in progress for me, and while progress is painfully slow, I still believe.

Just being here is enough for me today.

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