03/15/19 Palatka, FL

DAY #146

Another laid back day amongst the pines. Gave the campgrounds the once over and then headed back to the trailer.

Getting into the campground required a 2 mile drive off the highway into the woods. A first for me while camping in a Florida State Park; The road all the way into the park, including the campground was paved. it was a nice drive bringing you away from the big bad outside world.

Park Entrance.

The campground is nice. The individual sites are close together, but being nestled in among mature pines, it works. It also helps when the site you have is tucked into the corner of the campground, giving it a much appreciated addition of space. The bathroom and showers were clean and provided plenty of hot water. I took a shower last night, and it felt oh so good. While you don’t feel alone in the woods (like at Myakka State Forest), it was well within tolerable limits. Water and electric worked just fine.

Bathroom & Showers.

Dumb Move Of The Day: Yesterday when I set up, I did it somewhat the hard way. After backing into the site, which took a number of times of backing up then going forward, then backing up then going forward, you get the picture, I realized that I could have just driven straight in from the get go. It seems I drove past where you would normally enter the site, and entered where you would normally exit. I wonder if any of the other campers were watching, smirking and shaking their head.

The park consists mainly of the campgrounds (there are two), and a boat launch that will bring you to the reservoir. Not much in the way of trails or other activities, just a nice place to hang your hat and use as a base for however long one stays. It’s located along the shores of the Cross Florida Barge Canal as the canal flows into the reservoir.

A view of the reservoir.
Kilpatrick Dam.
Ocklawaha river.

A couple of not so great things about the campground. The OTA TV stations, well plentiful in number, had issues with reception quality. the reception more often than not would fade in and out, which made watching most channels frustrating. The Verizon signal was weak at best and non-existent at worse. Strangely enough, I would find that Verizon reception in many parts around the area, including Palatka, had poor levels of service.

Did a little bit of scouting around today and enjoyed the time and sights.

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