03/16/19. Palatka, FL.

DAY #147

The weather had started out so nice today, but there was a change in the air. Slowly through the course of the day, blue skies were replaced by clouds, and brightness replaced by gloom, it even started raining.

I’ve found by experience that it’s hard to get good photos when its cloudy, gloomy, and especially raining out. Also, it’s not that much fun just meandering around, can’t see much because of the rain, and the need to keep eyes on the road.

One cool thing I did experience, was seeing a number of robins (one of my favorite birds) just hanging around. I asked them if they were looking for a lift north since I’m going that way. They looked at me, then at each other, and then proceeded to fly away, guess I can take that as a no. Hanging with the robins was another very cool surprise, a male cardinal, as red as can be. Seeing the cardinal, I know I’m not alone, he gave me a very comforting feeling .

My excursion of the day turned out to be going and having some BBQ. I did my homework on google (which seemed to take most of the day) and found what I hoped would turn out to be a good choice.

This place is aptly named. It really is in the backwoods and if you aren’t looking, you could go right by it. I liked my experience here. The staff was friendly and pretty efficient, if somewhat unpolished. The sides were yummy and the meat, well…

I really want to like BBQ, and I do enjoy the sides like beans, cornbread, veggies, etc. Since I’m not much of a pork eater, my meat of choice has been brisket (Beef). Try as I have, I don’t really get any kind of thrill from eating BBQ brisket, it’s too stringy and mushy for my tastes. Maybe I’ll have to break down and try some pork ribs.

The rained continued and with stomach full, headed back to the campground. Another day in the book.

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