10/28/18 Ville Platte, LA.

DAY #10

Woke up today and prepared to do what every real man (no?) does on Sunday,  watch football!  I was able to get over the air reception and while it was only NBC, CBS, and sometimes Fox (its reception kept going in and out), channels that I normally seldom if ever watch.  The gods were with me this day because those otherwise (in my opinion) quality devoid stations which were the only ones I could get were the only ones that had football.  So I made myself comfy and vegged through the games.  I know sitting in a tiny trailer (on the bed) in the woods of Louisiana watching TV on a little screen may not sound cool and adventurous (oh god, you’re right it’s not),  but the weather was nice and the environment was tranquil and  just kicking back in Louisiana was OK.  I then prepared for the big game of the week; Vikings vs Saints on Sunday night football.  Sitting in Louisiana while a resident of Minnesota and therefore someone identified as a Viking fan, seemed almost magical (OK, I’ll go with that), I thought yes, I am the good luck charm this teams going to take to victory.  Hey we lost and I guess I wasn’t the good luck charm after all, I was just another disappointed fan.

By early afternoon about 98% of the park was empty again.  The weekend campers had packed up and headed home, and once again the park was mine.

It is bothering me a little bit that I’m not getting out and about as much as I think I should.  I haven’t been getting photos or doing a lot of meandering.  I think I’ve gotten into such a rut that in many ways I’m almost stuck. I don’t want this tiny trailer to become my hideout from the world like home in Osakis has so often been. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to have a place where we can feel safe & secure, but not as a place to hide, rather, as a place to live.  I know the things I need to do and how to do them, it’s just getting off my ass and getting it in gear…argh!!!

Just thinking while in my introspective mood, when Marcia died, I remember feeling like a little boy in a huge crowd suddenly lost from his loved one, sometimes I still feel that way.

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