10/29/18. Ville Platte, LA

DAY #11

Last full day in these parts of the woods and a nice clear, warm day it was.  I started the day looking to replace my reservation at Three Rivers State Park in Florida which had been cancelled due to damage from Hurricane Michael.  I was a bit concerned that with all the damage to the parks because of Michael, a lot more campers would be scrambling to find new reservations just like me.  A few spots west, east and north of the path of Michael that I checked and that fit my schedule and course were all closed due to damage.  I was able to find a site in Opp, Alabama (Frank Jackson State Park) that fit my needs so I gave them a call and while expecting to hear, sorry we’re full, I was able to book a reservation.  It takes me a little way off the path but not enough to worry about.

Checked out the area some more and came across an ICE detention center.  Not a big center but lined with concertina wire and formidable looking just the same. I was going to take a couple of photos but then thought, maybe better not, and so I didn’t.

I don’t know if locking people up like this is the right direction to go.  The vast majority of the people coming across the border are doing so, not for welfare and a free ride, but rather, to find jobs (that we don’t want to do) to support themselves and their family’s back home.  I do agree that we need controls but to put people in prison (and while this was a small center, it looked every bit like a prison) for trying to make a better life seems to me to be the wrong way to deal with this issue.  I’m not sure what the answer is, I just don’t think this is it.  OK, enough on the liberal soapbox.  One last political tinged story. While heading back to the campsite I saw a small political sign way up on a power pole that said; Trump.  What was so impacting about this little sign was its location deep in the woods on a windy, narrow two lane road.

I found my way back to the campsite and nestled in for the night because come tomorrow, it’s on the road again (sing it Willie).DSC_0078 (2).JPGTo have spent the last five days in this park with it pretty much to myself does make it a bit special, like it was there just for me, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

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