11/13/18 Ocean Springs, MS

DAY #26

The cold and rain continued, so like the other animals in the park, I decided to just hang out and hibernate for the day.road  closed                                 (Stock photo, I did not take this).

The only action I did was to go out to Canes Chicken Fingers to pick up dinner.  Still haven’t gotten the hang of preparing meals at the trailer (slow starter) .  Now you may be asking what the heck are chicken fingers?  They’re chicken tenders and not bad although I like popeyes better (not something I should be bragging about, being a fast food connoisseur).

Used the space heater last night and it kept the trailer nice and cozy, plus, since I don’t need to use the furnace (and burn LP), it saves me $$$.


Biloxi Bay at low tide.  Man, what a difference.cropped-20170429_1117053.jpg

Just kidding.