11/16/18 Ocean Springs, MS

DAY #28

Just a beautiful day. Temperatures in the low 60s, light winds, and a simply marvelous blue sky.  It’s really amazing how blue sky’s along with the sun can recharge your spirits, especially after a number of cold, dark, gloomy days.

Started out today with the itinerary of visiting Pascagoula (and area), and then drifting around the gulf cost of Alabama.  Off I went heading eastbound on US 90.   To get into Pascagoula, you need to cross the bridge over the Pascagoula river.


Looking out at the bay after crossing the bridge.


Pascagoula is the home to Ingalls Shipyards which builds ships for the U.S. Navy.DSC_0296.JPGDSC_0291_1DSC_0292.JPG

While Pascagoula does have a downtown area, it’s not something that stands out.  I’ve felt a bit disappointed by the city centers along the gulf in Mississippi for their lack of historic feel.  It still exists but only in a building here and a building there way.  One example is the railway station.  Sadly it’s no longer in use (service stopped after Hurricane Katrina in 2005).DSC_0305.JPGDSC_0310.JPGDSC_0312.JPG

When was the last time you saw one of these?DSC_0307 (2).JPGI’ve figured out what I’m looking for (and why my disappointment) and its not found along the coast.  I’m looking for city centers that have town squares with court houses and such (the old south),  the kind of towns that are commonly found farther north.

Pascagoula is a city with a diversity of housing.  From simple homes to modern-day plantation style houses along the bay.DSC_0325 (2).JPGDSC_0302.JPGDSC_0298DSC_0300

I seem to like these guys.DSC_0288_1

Left Pascagoula (such a cool name) and headed towards the southwest corner of Alabama as far as Dauphin Island.DSC_0340.JPGDSC_0327 (3).JPGDSC_0329.JPGDSC_0316.JPGDSC_0320.JPGDSC_0319DSC_0314.JPG

Heading to the western side of Dauphin Island you find sand, sand, everywhere.DSC_0323.JPG

Looks to be largely weekend beach houses, and I’m not sure how many will be left standing after the next hurricane.DSC_0317.JPGDSC_0322.JPG

The other side of the island is mainly trees and looks like much of Southern Alabama away from the water. DSC_0270DSC_0274.JPG

One thing I’ve noticed in my short time around here, there are a lot of Mercedes on the road. Life must not be too bad down in these parts.DSC_0294

Driving down the road I saw a number of stands selling Satsumas. Do you know what they are? (Hint, their orange in color). Also saw a couple of small fields of cotton. Again, no big deal, but I think it’s neat to see.

Made it back to camp a little after dark, man the sun is setting too early.





11/15/18 Ocean Springs, MS

DAY #28

The night had been a cold one, I think the coldest so far, but with my newest friend, the space heater, the trailer remained warm and cozy thru the night.

Even though the day was cool (low 50s), the sun had returned and it just gave you a whole new get up and get out feeling. I decided to get off my behind and take a walk down a short trail that originally had been created by the CCC.

For those scratching your head going what? CCC?  The Civilian Conservation Corps was created by the government during the great depression of the 1930s. Its purpose was to create jobs while helping to build and refurbish our federal parks and other federal lands.

About all that’s left of this encampment is some cement foundations that of course, I didn’t take any photos of.DSC_0259DSC_0260DSC_0261.JPGKind of spectacular when you think about it,  considering that civilization is just a hop, skip and jump away.  It puts you in a gulf shores state of mind.


Coming back after dark I saw a opossum (I’ll call him Jim Bob).  An ugly little critter, but one that eats a lot of stuff that we want to stay away from us (like bugs and such).  I don’t get to see many opossum’s so I thought it was neat.