02/08/19 Palmdale, FL

DAY #111

Today was hang around the trailer and start preparing for leaving next Monday day. The time here has gone by too fast. Fisheating Creek campground has been a really comfortable place to hang out, and there’s still so much to see. I’m not ready to leave yet.

Home away from home.

At the next site, I again will have no water or electricity. I wanted to make sure I had full propane tanks for the refrigerator (when generator isn’t running), and the hot water heater. One of the tanks on the trailer was empty, so I changed it out with a full tank and while rummaging around the truck bed, decided to pull out the generator and check/add oil to it. I think the generators going to get a pretty good workout the next couple of weeks, need to make sure it’s good to go as well.

Later, I went into La Belle, FL to the local Tractor Supply Co. and had the two empty tanks (have two extra) filled. The person working the counter didn’t know how to ring up the propane, and ended up charging me about $15.00 less than I should have paid. I know I should have said something but there were others in line, she was really slow, and hey, it benefited me so I let it go. Now the tanks on the trailer are full as are the two spares, I’m ready for the woods once again.

Forgot about this. Yesterday as I was driving along a canal bordering a sugar cane field, came across this kid.

I was wowed by this citing, and as I continued down the road, I saw another 6-7 gators of various sizes hanging out on the canal banks, now that was cool.

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