02/18/19 Naples, FL.

DAY #121

Today was just plain hot, like 85 degree temperature, and 70 degree dew point hot. It’s the hottest day I’ve experienced so far in the journey. I’m not complaining, hey if this is how it is, then I’ll adapt, its worth it. I’m usually not a big fan of the wind, but having it breezy today it made a big (positive) difference. I need to learn to take the good with the bad.

Hung out around the trailer and watched court TV shows, along with doing some web surfing. I was multi-tasking, yea that sounds good, lets go with that, sounds like I did something. One thing about the heat & humidity, it really sucks the energy out of you, and when, like me, have little energy to start with, well…

The person next to me left, so now I have some more room. Decent enough guy who I actually spent some time talking with, but he sure was close, especially since its a pretty big area. There’s a number of people who appear to be staying here on a permanent basis. The rules say 14 day maximum. I wonder how they get away with it, especially with the administration building right on the grounds. The person staying in the trailer to my left must work around Naples, staying here during the week, and going home on weekends. The trailer on the right looks like it’s settled in for the long haul as well, and down on the other end of the campground, there’s a family with five kids living in tents. I guess I’m OK with it as long as it doesn’t prevent others from getting a camp site. Not trying to be, or sound judgmental, but a lot of these folks appear to be on the low end of the achievement ladder, and If I were to stereotype them, it would be as ‘trailer park trash” (ouch, so much for not judgmental).

I did a little reconnaissance looking for a third way of getting into and out of the Forest. I found what I was looking for, and may try it tomorrow although it’s supposed to be even hotter than today.

This place is such an impressive area just in its shear size alone. If you want to be on your own, this is the place to come.

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