03/29/19 Fargo-Millen, GA

DAY #160

Time to leave Fargo, Stephen C. Foster State Park, and the Okefenokee Swamp. As I had mentioned, the Okefenokee was someplace I had always wanted to visit and after my time here, I wasn’t disappointed. What’s stayed with me the most from my time at the park, was the few hours spent meandering through the swamp (see I told you it would be fun once safely back on dry land).

Time spent on the road getting to the next destination was about 3 1/2 hours, and a nice mellow drive on state highways it was. This part of Georgia remains flat and mainly covered by trees (pines). Timber looks to be the main source of income for the area. It also was very rural which I really liked. It made for a quiet and laid back setting (at least for me).

Pulled into Magnolia Springs State Park and after checking in went to the campsite.

The site was not bad. Not a lot of foliage between sites so you didn’t have that feeling of solitude but they were large enough that you had ‘your space.’ Setting up went without a hitch (I’m grateful for that), and I was at my new home for the next week.

With all the photos of the trailer, the truck was feeling left out.

OTA TV was decent in number of channels available, and the selection of stations was fairly diverse in its programming. I did notice that there was a tendency for the stations to fade in and out, which would prove to be frustrating. Verizon strength was week but useable.

One thing I noticed after setting up, the ground wasn’t as level as I thought so I had a bit of a lean to the trailer, not bad enough to undo everything and jockey around but still noticeable

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