03/30/19 Millen, GA

DAY #161

Nice Day, nice park, nice place to be.

Didn’t do much today. I did take a drive up to Waynesboro, GA which is only 15 minutes away, and checked out the local Walmart. I must be getting spoiled, I’ve become so used to Walmart Supercenters that going to a just a plain old run of the mill Walmart is somewhat disappointing. It doesn’t have the bakery and deli selections which I’ve come to rather enjoy.

On the ride back, I got off the main road which was a four lane highway and took the back roads to get a feel of the area.

Noticed the topography of the land changing from flat to slightly rolling hills and while the harvesting of trees remained widespread, more and more fields (farming) began to enter the picture. I did notice that the type of pines were a different variety from what I’d seen throughout Florida and around the Okefenokee.

It was a nice day to spend in the country.

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