04/01/19 Millen, GA

DAY #163

I tend to be a very impulsive person. Today I brought the truck and trailer to Billy Bobs consignment and BBQ in Downtown Millen, to see how much they’d give me. After some back and forth negotiations, they offered $25,000 + a full rack of ribs and three sides. I decided to take their offer after they threw in three bags of pork rinds (big bags), and now I’m heading to Costa Rica to start a new life, including changing my name (how does Don Hope sound). This means that first I’ll have to max out all my credit cards and perhaps take out a couple of get as much as I can loans. If your going to burn bridges and start a new life, need to burn them all.

Oh yeah!

Once set up, I plan on starting a new blog, of course it will be in Spanish. Adios USA, hola Costa Rica.


Ended up doing very little today, Other than going into town and picking up some chicken from popeyes (I like their rice and beans), just hung out around the campsite in a catatonic state.

Oh yeah I forgot, did go into town and happened upon this building, who knew.

April Fools.

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