04/02/19 Millen, GA

DAY #164

Today was a washout. It was rainy and cold (relatively speaking). It was a good day to just sit around and watch TV as it faded in and out, and to go online with my poor Verizon service. Damn verizon, I noticed even in town that the strength of Verizon’s signal was weak, geez we’re not that far out in the sticks.

Even these guys were asking what’s up with the weather.

One concerning thing that I noticed from the rain, was water coming in around the vent in the bathroom. This time it was leaking from the other side of the vent edge. I wiped it up and and the leak stopped. I also noticed water leaking in from one side of the slideout (just great). I did some checking and came to the conclusion the water was getting around the seal because the trailer was at a bit of a slant to the right (at least that’s what I was hoping). They didn’t seem like major issues but the leak around the vent was reoccuring. I did some checking and found a Camping World in Augusta, GA, that hopefully would check the situation out and put an end to the water leaking. I Gave them a call and after a bit of phone tag, was able to set up an appointment on the way to the next destination. Going to Augusta would not take me out of my way and I was hoping this could be a quick fix.

Tomorrow was promising to be a nicer day.

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