04/03/19 Millen, GA

DAY #165

The sky’s had somewhat cleared up and more importantly, the temperature had warmed up so I decided to do some meandering around the area.

What better place to start than the park. Magnolia Springs State Park was the site of Camp Lawton, a confederate POW camp. There isn’t anything left from the original fort other than some earthen berms.

Let’s start with the spring that the park derives its name from. Compared to the springs in Florida, this one’s pretty small but it’s home to fish, turtles and even an alligator which I only saw one time, the rest of the time I’m not sure where it was hanging out.

Can you see the fish?

The park was on the small side but offered a couple of nice looking trails (that I didn’t check out), there were lots of trees separating the camping area from the day use area. One thing that was so cool to see were the trees budding, oh yeah, springtime is alive and well in Southeast Georgia.

What I’m about to show has never before been seen. You may want to take the kids out of the room before viewing.

See what the inside of a Georgia State Park bathroom/shower looks like.

Really, you posted this? Must have been a slow news day.
And now you know.

After leaving the park, just wandered around in no specific direction.

I think that photos of buildings/homes give a glimpse of the history & the evolving culture of the area.

In its day a Coca-Cola bottling facility.
An old school house.
Jenkins County Courthouse.
A bit surprised to see this display of Confederate Flags & statue.

Traveling through the countryside, came across a grove (?) of pecan trees.

Not all trees, there are a few fields here and there.

Behind the park ran a dirt road that was interesting to drive down. It was so cool, while driving down this road, I came across five (yes five) cardinals. They are such pretty birds and having seen all of them, wow, I’ve got a lot of folks looking out for me.

If anyone ever asks you what the soil in Georgia looks like, now ya know.

The dirt road brought me to Perkins, Ga where I saw this building, kind of unexpected.

There were a couple other buildings similar to this one. Kind of neat seeing them in the middle of nowhere.

As I was heading back to the park I came across this church hidden away along a heavily forested road. It’s history goes back to the 1850’s and included a graveyard across the road that looked to be long forgotten.

This grave is from 1856.

A couple of things I’ve noticed since coming up to this part of the state. There are lots and lots of trailer houses in various states of condition, and I know I’m back in the south, what with all the churches everywhere and anywhere.

It was an enjoyable day seeing glimpses and flashes of history of the area. I do love the south.

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