04/06/19 Chapin, SC

DAY #168

Slept in late this morning, while the room was as I pointed out a kind of dive, the bed turned out to be comfortable and along with the TV, were the best things about my Motel 6 experience. Checkout time was 11:00 am and since I hadn’t heard yet from Gander RV, I didn’t leave until the last minute. I emailed the service advisor at Gander when I left and thankfully, she emailed me back letting me know things were coming along.

Before going to the RV place, decided to stop for lunch. Stopped at a place called the ‘farmhaus’ and had a decent burger and fries (far and away better than a fast food place). I do prefer patronizing local spots and this ended up being a good one.

I didn’t do any roaming around Augusta which I kind of regret. It’s a big city and combined with the overall situation, I was feeling out of synch and somewhat lost. I guess my interest and motivation had become temporarily zapped.

After lunch, made my way over to Gander RV and hung out in the truck waiting for the service to be completed, I was more than ready to finally be on my way. The delay now was not in getting the work done but rather, letting the caulking cure (dry), which takes four hours.

As I was waiting, I decided to do some research into the caulking (sealant) on trailer roofs. What I found out didn’t make me feel much better. It seems that the warranty on roof sealant is only for ninety days. I checked the owner’s manual (online) and yea, that’s the case. Also found out that this is considered normal maintenance and should be inspected at the very least once a year. I’ve had the trailer for just under a year and not sure how long it sat before I bought it so it wasn’t unreasonable that the leaks occurred. I guess one could consider this a lesson learned (the hard way) in the life of owning a travel trailer.

Finally, at around 2:30 pm the job was done and all that was left to do was pay the bill ($546.45) and I could hit the road once again. While the experience was certainly not a positive one (to say the least), the folks I worked with on this were decent and helped make it a little less painful. They seemed to have looked out for me (as best they could) on this issue.

Back on the road with my newly sealed roof and I gotta say, it felt good. Drove a little over an hour and half and made it to Dreher Island State Park.

Checked in with the ranger and proceed to my sight. After setting up I noticed that the trailer again had a bit of a lean to the right. I could have, and in hindsight should have tried to adjust it, but I was lazy and fooled myself into thinking it would be alright. Time would prove me wrong.

I was ready to spend some time here in South Carolina.

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