04/07/19 Chapin, SC

DAY #169

First full day on the island. Took a ride into Chapin, SC, to do some shopping at the local Publix (I do like Publix) and do a quick once over of the park and the surrounding area.

A lot of folks have packed up and headed home making the campground a bit more serene. The sites are close together and not a lot of undergrowth to tuck you into the site, but the trees are large and diverse and with spring underway, budding and bursting with color. The lake surrounds the campground, and a big lake (reservoir) it is. Judging by the number of boats I’ve seen being towed down the road since getting here, this lake is mega popular with fisherman. The park is big, taking up a large peninsula of the lake, and has two campgrounds. After checking the other campground out I think it provides sites that are a bit more secluded but hey, I can live with where I’m at.

Chapin, SC, is a nice place. It’s more an extension of Columbia than a stand alone town these days. I get the feeling that it sits on the line between exurb and rural and judging by the growth of housing and commercial in the area, it won’t be long before that line will be gone and Chapin will become just another suburb of Columbia.

It’s nice coming back into the park, you really feel like you can escape the encroaching development and get back to where nature is still the boss.

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