04/08/19 Chapin, SC

DAY #170

Not much accomplished today but that’s part of the lure of setting up the trailer in a State Park campground. I’m working on it to feel OK doing nothing (within reason) and as I’ve said before, I’m really good at it, in fact I excel at it.

My front street at Dreher Island State Park.

I like that there are so many squirrels, robins and cardinals just going about their business, paying little attention to us humans. I’m getting a lot of enjoyment watching the robins as they go about their routine, they are such cool little birds, and I gotta say, one of my favorite.

the cardinals are a little more skittish towards humans but they get close enough so you know they’re around. Everytime I see one with their brilliant red color, it really gives me a charge.

Finally got to get a photo of this little fellow.

One thing I did so today was to find out about my tax status for 2018. It’s a new and different experience having to do my taxes via email. but being over a thousand miles from home, doesn’t leave me with many options. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as I feared it would be. Yes, I do owe Federal and State but it’s an amount that I can handle. I didn’t actually file yet, what I did get was an extension. I still have to sign and send in the returns when I get back to Osakis, and I have to pay what’s owed by April 15, but I’m good to go tax wise for another year.

Another nice day on the journey.

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