04/13/19 Chapin-Anderson, SC.

DAY #175

Moving day once again (so soon?). Up early and got the trailer ready for the road. I’ve got the routine down pretty well and I am still so thankful when everything goes as it’s supposed to.

Relatively short time on the road today, only about two and half hours and I was at the next stop on the journey. I could have taken freeway most of the way but because it was such a short ride and hey, since I wasn’t in any hurry, I decided to take back roads, for me it’s the only way to go. the roads were quiet and going through the small towns gave me a satisfying glimpse of remnants of the old south.

This part of South Carolina looks pretty much like the area around Dreher Island State Park and while it’s not what I would call exciting, it’s still has a really nice look and feel to it.

Made it to Sadler Creek State Park without incident and found the campsite. It was a tight one and I was feeling good about myself for getting the trailer into it without much trouble. When I checked the trailer it was once again at a bit of a slant similar to the last site. I took one of the leveling pads I had and put it down on the ground and backed the tire onto it. Got the level out and checked, yes! that did the trick and this time, the trailer was level. Let it rain I thought, I’m ready for it.

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