04/14/19 Anderson, SC

DAY #176

Spent the day for the most part just hanging around the campsite. Heavy thunderstorms came through the area early but fortunately, the worst of it spared the campground. It did get quite windy and wow, all the seeds from the trees (not sure what kind) that got blown around. It covered the truck and trailer with seeds/pollen everywhere. After the wind came the rain and it rained pretty hard for a short while. One positive note, the slide did not appear to be leaking, that was such good news.

Afterwards, it cleared up but remained quite breezy and the forecast was for more storms, potentially severe going through the area later in the evening. I had survived round one, would I be so lucky to get through round two unscathed?

I headed into Anderson and went to Walmart and then McDonalds where I thought I could use their wifi to upload some apps on the iPad. It seems that Verizon requires the use of wifi when you want to download an app thats over a set amount of data (e.g. my facebook site). I get it that Verizon is trying to save costs by limiting the amount of data you can download at one time, but when as in my case you have the unlimited data plan, it doesn’t make much sense, and it does make it inconvenient and frustrating. After getting my order and sitting down to load up, I Found out that since this McDonalds was new, they had not yet set up their wifi for customers to use.

Made it back to the campground and hunkered down for the rest of the night. The campground is situated along the shores of Lake Hartwell and looks very similar to the campground at Dreher Island State Park which was situated on Lake Murray. Lake Hartwell like lake Murray is not a natural lake but rather a man-made reservoir and a big one at that.

The lake bottom has a pronounced red tinge to it as does the soil in the area.

The park takes you out of the hustle and bustle into the peace and quiet.

The road entering the Park.
Some views of the park coming and going to the campsite.

The sites are pretty close together but fortunately for me, the ones next to me are open which is making for a nice cushion from the other campers.

Some views of the campground.
It really is beautiful what with the trees coming alive with spring.
Home away from home.

Night came and so did the storms. Spent the bulk of the evening watching the storm front on TV and simultaneously tracking it on the internet. Is there going to be a tornado or not? Is the worst of the storm going to go over the campground or not? These were questions going through my head most of the evening as I oscillated between it’s going to be OK, to all is lost, I doomed. In the end, the winds came and blew hard, the trailer she was a rocking and it wasn’t about knock en, it was about is this thing going to blow away? Then the rains came and it rained hard. After a couple of hours, the worst was over and the trailer was saved. No being blown away and no water leaking in the trailer. I am thankful for being spared this night.

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