04/19/19 Anderson, SC

DAY #181

Today was a washout both figuratively and literately. Storms were back in the area and it was windy and rainy all day. At least the temperature was in the low 70’s, but with high humidity. I don’t like the feeling when it’s so high, it makes everything feel sticky.

Some areas received over 7 inches of rain and there was a lot of flash flooding going on, especially around the mountain foothills about an hour north of the campground, areas I had visited just a couple days ago. In addition, it was reported that a couple of tornadoes had touched down around Newberry and Prosperity, SC, close to the last campsite (Dreher Island State Park) I had stayed. Some damage to buildings but thankfully no fatalities. Very fortunate that there wasn’t anything like that around here although at times the rain came down hard.

Got tested (emotionally) a couple times today. First; the rain had stopped and the sun had popped out between the clouds and I started to hear music, loud music along with a dog incessantly barking. After a few minutes I thought what the f**k is going on, don’t these people have any damn consideration for others! Jumped up, opened the trailer door and went outside in my usual rush of anger. I saw it was a couple of young teens hanging around their trailer across the road. I caught myself from getting too stupid and remembered I’ve been there before and geez, I didn’t want to become some grumpy old man, so I took a moment and then, just let it go. Soon after the music and dog stopped.

The second test; I was on the bed with the trailer door latched open and the wind came up strong and popped the latch slamming the door shut. Damn it I thought, I’d just fixed the broken latch and here we go again, bitch, bitch, bitch. Again, it took a moment of reminding myself to calm down and let the anger go, got up and checked the latch and thankfully it hadn’t broken, all was well.

I thought to myself that if this is the worst I have to endure today, I’ve got it pretty darn good. I need to learn to just let the anger go.

The storms finally moved on early in the evening and was replaced with dropping temperatures. Time to get out the space heater, I’m going to need it tonight.

I think this is what’s called filler. Just words can get a bit boring.
How about a little more filler. Nothing says spring like a newly plowed field.

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