04/20/19 Anderson, SC

DAY #182

Today was a washout. It was cloudy, gloomy, windy, and cold. A perfect day to just hangout in the trailer, watch TV and surf the net. And the best part, I didn’t have to feel guilty about doing it.

It actually looks nicer (weather wise) than it is.

It was so cold this morning thought I saw ice forming on the lake. OK maybe I’m exaggerating a bit (how about a lot) but it was cold (high of 51 degrees). Just for the heck of it I checked the temperature in Osakis. It was 78 degrees and sunny, that really surprised me. Wow, it looks like spring may finally have made it up to the north land.

One positive thing about the crummy weather is that its thinned out the herd of campers in the park. The people next to me, and across the road have left, along with the kids who were making so much noise yesterday. It’s opened up some more space, if only it was nice enough to get out and enjoy it.

I did try to be a little productive today. I called the issuers (Shazam) of my FNB-Osakis debit card to let them know that I would be using the card and not to decline it because of the location (South Carolina), thinking it was stolen. Well, in the end all I accomplished was to have it reported lost or stolen and now it’s been cancelled and of no use to me. Damn automated system, I thought that at one point it would have directed me to a person to talk to but no, it just cancelled the card and informed me that if I had any questions to contact the issuing bank (FNB-Osakis).

Later in the afternoon, I went into Anderson for groceries (Publix) and to get a bite to eat (cooks day off). Everyplace I went was busy and didn’t want to wait. I ended up going back to the Pompous Pig and It did not disappoint, it’s a good place to eat.

Wildlife Alert: On the way back from Anderson I came across a deer while driving down the park road into the campground. Not a big deal but still it gave me a charge.

Tomorrow looks to be a much nicer day.

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