04/21/19 Anderson, SC

DAY #183

Last day at Sadlers Creek State Park, and the last day in South Carolina. The weather has changed and what a glorious change it is. The gloom and doom of the last couple days have been replaced by brilliant blue sky’s and sun, plus the temperature has rebounded to a comfortable 70 degrees.

The park looks practically deserted, just a couple of us left to hold down the fort.

There really are some beautiful views that the campground offers.

Got into the truck and did some meandering around the area. It took a little doing but I was able to find some back roads to explore.

The area in this part of South Carolina is a mixture of fields, farms and trees all on a terrain of flatland’s to rolling hills. It is a very scenic and serene area.

Spotted a couple of old buildings that caught my eye and wanted to show them as they represent a time gone bye.

Driving along the roads I began to feel somewhat melancholy. I’ve always had a fascination with the South, especially the time frame between 1900-1950, and throughout this journey I’ve hoped to be able to see at least a whisper of that time. Looking at the old houses and buildings, I found myself thinking how I wish I could go back to that era. To see and immerse myself in the culture, the idiosyncrasies, the way of life. It was a simpler time and one so different than the one I know. Disclaimer; One dimension of that time that I do not cherish or embrace is how African-Americans were treated and the life they were forced to live.

I’ve enjoyed my time in South Carolina and who knows, maybe I’ll be back again some day.

Wildlife Alert: Coming back into the park I spotted three deer just hanging out. It was three times better than the one I saw yesterday.

One thought on “04/21/19 Anderson, SC

  1. You have such a great eye for photography! Today in class, I am teaching about the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery as a part of our Civil Rights unit. I also have had a fascination with that time period, and the buildings of the South are so beautiful! I imagine the food is pretty great too!! Have fun!


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