04/28/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #190

Slept in late today (gee, that hasn’t happened before has it?) and when I went outside, the place looked deserted. It seems everyone who had come for the weekend had headed out. It was kind of a strange feeling seeing the campground so quiet, so suddenly.

The big adventure today was going into Warm Springs to take a few photos, and then off the Manchester, GA to take out some more cash from the ATM. The other day when I tried to use an ATM while in Valley, AL, the damn thing won’t work and I had to call to get the block removed, I am thankful that I was able to get it unblocked.

On the way to Manchester I was able to get off road again for a short ways, got to see Georgia in the raw.

Didn’t need to worry about losing touch with civilization, came across a couple of places where people had dumped their garbage….SMH!
As much as I enjoy going down these roads, it is a reassuring feeling when you hit pavement again.

After successfully using the ATM (yea), I decided to take a meandering way back to the campground. Along the way I went through a couple of small towns and through the ghosts of the old buildings, catch a glimpse of what life was like once upon a time.

Some shots of Talbotton, GA
Talbot County Courthouse.

Another glorious day in the hills and forests of Georgia.

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