04/29/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #191

Got up and went outside this morning and whoa, thought the crowds had thinned out yesterday, today I felt like I was the only one in the campground, which isn’t a bad thing.

Today was designated laundry day so after gathering my things, I was off to Manchester and the nearest laundry. Found the place and did my laundry, pretty uneventful chore. Afterwards I thought I’d take some more cash out of the ATM since tomorrow is the last day before the card expires and dies. Stopped at the same place as yesterday and surprise, it did not work. I thought what the heck (maybe not the word I used) is going on and preceded to call the number that I had saved from the other day (when the card was blocked) and asked what was going on. The woman on the phone was really nice (which made me feel somewhat foolish since I wasn’t as nice), after checking, she assured me the card was still working and perhaps the ATM just didn’t have enough cash and suggested trying another one. I thanked her and decided to make it as productive as possible by combining errands. I needed to get some groceries so off I went, destination Columbus, GA, Going to Columbus was a forty minute drive where I could stop at Publix (I must really like this place to drive that far) and hopefully another ATM machine. It was another super day, even a bit on the hot side with the temperature in the upper 80’s, and I saw it as an opportunity to check out some more of the area. Columbus is a pretty big city so I only stayed on the fringe of it. It was getting into rush hour and I’ve learned that’s not a good time to drive around seeing the sites.

Finally was able to find a ATM. At first I checked for one on the iPad map app and it showed one only 600′ from my location. Great I thought, I can do both things in one swoop. After looking (and I really did look thoroughly) I couldn’t find the damn machine, so I looked up and found another one 1.6 miles away and away I went. Eureka, not only did I find it but it actually worked. Once again, I was at peace with the world (at least until the next time something doesn’t go exactly my way).

Took a leisurely drive back to the campground and found a few campers had come in during the day, not quite so alone anymore but still very quiet and peaceful.

The master bedroom (OK, the only bedroom).

I should mention the frogs singing at night down by the lake. It’s like a symphony of nature, so cool to hear.

04/28/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #190

Slept in late today (gee, that hasn’t happened before has it?) and when I went outside, the place looked deserted. It seems everyone who had come for the weekend had headed out. It was kind of a strange feeling seeing the campground so quiet, so suddenly.

The big adventure today was going into Warm Springs to take a few photos, and then off the Manchester, GA to take out some more cash from the ATM. The other day when I tried to use an ATM while in Valley, AL, the damn thing won’t work and I had to call to get the block removed, I am thankful that I was able to get it unblocked.

On the way to Manchester I was able to get off road again for a short ways, got to see Georgia in the raw.

Didn’t need to worry about losing touch with civilization, came across a couple of places where people had dumped their garbage….SMH!
As much as I enjoy going down these roads, it is a reassuring feeling when you hit pavement again.

After successfully using the ATM (yea), I decided to take a meandering way back to the campground. Along the way I went through a couple of small towns and through the ghosts of the old buildings, catch a glimpse of what life was like once upon a time.

Some shots of Talbotton, GA
Talbot County Courthouse.

Another glorious day in the hills and forests of Georgia.

04/27/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #189

Another super-terrific day at the campsite. the weather was just about perfect and I was enjoying it immensely. Quite a few more campers than during the week but except for the screams of a few kids (and hey, kids will be kids), it still remains a splendid place to hang out.

I just marvel at the size of these trees. These lucky kids have escaped the ax and chainsaw and have grown to be magnificent examples of all they can be.

I wanted to head over and check out the warm springs treatment pool that FDR used after contracting polio, finishing up my Roosevelt experience.

How the pools originally looked.
This first pool was originally covered by a glass roof.
View from the middle pool.
The spring that would fill the pool with 88 degree water.
The far pool
The changing room/
An iron lung. Not related to the pool but a device that many polio victims were all too familiar with.

It was an interesting place to visit. You need to let your imagination loose but once you do, you can envision what the pool was like in the day.

I think spring is fast becoming my favorite season.

A couple of photos taken from the area on the trip back to the campground.

Another full and satisfying day in the book, I can’t say it enough, I’m a fortunate guy..

04/26/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #188

Day two of the visit to FDR’s ‘Little White House.’

The ‘Little White House.’
outside the entrance to the kitchen.
Should have taken a photo of the note posted (Oops). Something to look forward to if you visit the residence.
The chair in which the President was sitting when felled by a stroke.
Looking out from the front door of the residence.
It’s said that the scratch marks on the lower woodwork to the right of the door was caused by the Roosevelt’s dog.
The doorway to the veranda
The view looking out from the veranda.

What impressed me so much in visiting the ‘Little White House’ and the compound, was how modest it was/is in it’s accommodations. This was a wealthy man, the President of the United States, yet this residence was/remained such a simple place.

From the FDR residence, it was off to view some exhibits centered around Roosevelt’s last day, his death, and his legacy.

This is the flag that was flying over the compound on the day FDR died.

FDR’s final speech.

Switch board.

The final steps I took in the compound was the walkway of state stones and flags.

Being from Minnesota, this stone and flag stood out for me.

I enjoyed immensely my time at the ‘Little White House.’ While FDR was in no way a perfect person (he had his flaws as we all do) he led this nation through difficult and trying times. First, through the Great Depression and then the Second World War. He was more than a politician, he was a statesman, someone who got things done. This visit only heighten my respect for the man, and left me feeling honored that I was able to get a closer glimpse of his life.