04/26/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #188

Day two of the visit to FDR’s ‘Little White House.’

The ‘Little White House.’
outside the entrance to the kitchen.
Should have taken a photo of the note posted (Oops). Something to look forward to if you visit the residence.
The chair in which the President was sitting when felled by a stroke.
Looking out from the front door of the residence.
It’s said that the scratch marks on the lower woodwork to the right of the door was caused by the Roosevelt’s dog.
The doorway to the veranda
The view looking out from the veranda.

What impressed me so much in visiting the ‘Little White House’ and the compound, was how modest it was/is in it’s accommodations. This was a wealthy man, the President of the United States, yet this residence was/remained such a simple place.

From the FDR residence, it was off to view some exhibits centered around Roosevelt’s last day, his death, and his legacy.

This is the flag that was flying over the compound on the day FDR died.

FDR’s final speech.

Switch board.

The final steps I took in the compound was the walkway of state stones and flags.

Being from Minnesota, this stone and flag stood out for me.

I enjoyed immensely my time at the ‘Little White House.’ While FDR was in no way a perfect person (he had his flaws as we all do) he led this nation through difficult and trying times. First, through the Great Depression and then the Second World War. He was more than a politician, he was a statesman, someone who got things done. This visit only heighten my respect for the man, and left me feeling honored that I was able to get a closer glimpse of his life.

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