04/25/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #187

Today promised to be a big day for me, I was headed to the ‘Little White House’ to tour the grounds. It’s located approx. eleven miles from the park so the drive was quick and simple.

Sit back and prepare to see photos, lots of photos. So many that I’m going to post them over two days. Don’t worry though, they’re really interesting and I hope in the end you will be as impressed with the life of FDR as I was.

Fist stop on the tour is the museum, an interesting way to begin this step back in time.

A quilt.
This is how he was able to operate the car. I believe he had a hand in the design of this setup.
Hey, how did that guy get into the photo?
The table and chairs where Roosevelt would sit and dine.
A typical room in rural Georgia circa. 1935
FDR’s bathing suit.

There were so many more mementos that were given to the President during his life time on display. I’ve only captured a few. Hey, don’t want to show you everything in case you ever decide to visit.

From the museum, slowly headed over to the ‘Little White House,’ Roosevelt’s residence when he was staying at Warm Springs.

The bump gate leading to FDR’s quarters.
This was the help’s housing
The help resided above the garage.

From the help’s residence you went a short distance across where you came to the guest house.

Again, the Plexiglas impacts the photo.
View from the help’s & guest residence’s

From the guest house it was off to the main residence on the compound, FDR’s residence.

The Presidents resident will be the subject of tomorrows blog. Don’t want to overload the senses with too much for one day. I’ll end today’s blog with a few examples of old time architecture seen along the byways and highways of the area.

It was a full day and an enjoyable one. I look forward to tomorrow.

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