04/24/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #186

It rained last night and the rain continued into the early afternoon. Thankfully it was nothing severe, just a moderate on again/off again rain. Along with the rain came a drop in temperature, went from short sleeve to long sleeve weather. If that’s as bad as it gets, I think I can struggle through it (big baby). One thing that I was so thankful for was no leaks in the trailer during this latest round of rain. I have to admit, a part of me expects it to start leaking at some point. Must be the pessimist in me.

The clouds cleared away by 3:00 pm and I thought I’d take a spin into the big city, LaGrange, GA, which was about a 1/2 hour ride away. I wanted to get some provisions (they had a Publix there), and to find a ATM to draw some cash out. My debit card which I’ve been using to get cash out along the journey expires at the end of April and since I’m not sure when I’ll be back home in Minnesota (projected late May), I thought it prudent to start accumulating some cash before I can’t use the card anymore.

On the way to LaGrange, I had the opportunity to get off the main line and travel down some good old Georgia back roads, it always gives me a thrill (along with a little anxiety).

Before turning onto the dirt road, I traveled for a couple of miles down a paved road that looked like it hadn’t been paved since the 30’s (I’m sure it wasn’t that old). For a short while, I could pretend that I was back in that time I’ve always wanted to be, it was so cool.

Back to reality and into LaGrange, GA, I went. Got all my errands taken care and gave the city a quick once over. Sadly, the downtown area while still very much intact, has become overgrown with the effects of urban sprawl. Add to that a couple of freeways now crossing through the city, and that’s only exasperated the changes. Maybe it’s a sign of growing old, but I find myself (at least down here) wishing the changes hadn’t come.

One of LaGrange’s historical homes.
Once sitting on a large plantation, today it is nestled into a residential neighborhood.
It was spared being burned during the union occupation in the civil war.

Headed back to a quieter place to spend a serene evening overlooking the lake from my campsite. What stated out as a gloomy, cool day ended up being more than just OK.

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