04/30/19 Pine Mountain, GA

DAY #192


Last day at F.D. Roosevelt State Park, and the last day on the journey in Georgia. The park has been a wonderful place to base for the last week and driving/exploring through the mountains of this region has just been so special. Georgia has somewhat surprised me. I had always envisioned it as a land of flat landscape filled with cotton, and peanut fields, interspersed with peach and pecan groves. Instead what I found was lots and lots of trees along with rolling hills.

Today I headed to a place that maybe would give me a little of what I thought the state was about. I headed down to Plains, Georgia to see what it had to offer and to visit the farm that Jimmy Carter grew up on. Before getting to Plains, I did a side visit to Camp Sumter, also known as Andersonville, an infamous Confederate Prisoner of War camp.

Andersonville was in operation from February 1864 to April 1865. The encampment was meant to hold 10,000 prisoners but in actuality it held as many as 31,600 solders at one time. All together in the twelve months of operation, 45,000 solders spent time at the prison. Of that number, over 13,000 died there. There is a national cemetery adjacent to the prison that holds the graves of those who died.

A re-creation of what the shelters were like.
The area between the prison wall and fence is the ‘kill zone.’ If you crossed into that area you would be shot dead.
Home to up to 30,000 union solders.
The posts closest to the road showed where the walls of the prison were. the inner posts signified the dead posts from which you could not pass.

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