01/02/19 Dunnellon-Ocala, FL

DAY #74

On the second day of 2019, I out did myself, I did even less than yesterday. Hope this doesn’t become a trend.

I did take a ride that took in the exurbs, suburbs, and central metro of Ocala, FL. Since I had so much fun doing it, I took the same way back.
It was late in the afternoon before I hit the road and in both directions, traffic was heavy and it sucked. A couple highlights of the drive was seeing my first ‘Tesla’ charging station (for cars), and stopping at a Latin grocery store, which I didn’t know until going in.

My Rant For The Day:

For decades the standard of living for the middle class, has been stagnant at best. There are facts and figures that can establish and confirm this, it isn’t just opinion. Even with these facts, we’ve been able to continue to delude ourselves that that wasn’t the case, and of course the politicians did everything they could by way of ‘smoke and mirrors’ to reassure us life was good. But for me, there’s been a change, it’s become more than just the facts. I’m seeing signs across the land that are not just telling me, but showing me just how true it is.

I’m amazed at the number of ‘Dollar General’ and ‘Family Dollar’ stores I’m seeing. These stores are like a ‘canary in a coal mine’ only applied in reverse. They appear & thrive in areas of poverty and a lower standard of living, promising more for less. These stores are beginning to make Walmart look upscale. Pawn Shops and Check Cashing Places are becoming more the norm along the corridors of commerce, a change from a time when pawn shops were centered exclusively in low income urban areas. Retail strip malls and shopping centers/malls are replacing the stores of old (when wages & living standards were on the upswing) with more and more discount and low price stores. ‘Big Lots’ and ‘Savers’ have replaced ‘Dayton’s’ and ‘Dillards’ (I understand the effect online shopping has had).

Were no longer moving forward, no longer moving up. Instead, it seems we’ve adjusted and accepted the way it’s become, lowering our hopes and dreams, and expectations in the process.

The canary has stopped singing.

01/01/19 Dunnellon-Ocala, FL

DAY #73

What super-terrific activities did I partake in on this first day of the new year? What ‘out of this world’ places did I explore? What road did the Journey take to begin 2019?

When you want to take a selfie, but your shy.

Sorry thrill seekers and action junkies, the answer is nothing, I did nothing on the first day of this new year. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did go later in the afternoon to the laundromat and washed my clothes, otherwise, I just stayed close to home for the day.

It was enjoyable to just sit around and watch life unfold around the campsite. The site is about 1/2 full but very quiet. I took out my recliner, set it up outside, and spent the time watching the squirrels and birds and my favorite, the little lizards as they went about their routines. The weather continues to be courageous, and I just wanted to sit back and take some time to really enjoy (and appreciate) it.

He said to call him Izzie.

Travel Trailer Update: I was able to make an appointment at Camping World for Friday 1/4/19. When I leave here on Friday, Camping World is right on the route to the next campsite so if everything goes OK, I should have the hot water heater working when I get to the next site. Too good to be true? I guess time will tell (fingers crossed).

I may have found Florida’s Stonehenge.

In a low key way, it was a nice start to the new year.