01/17/19 Lakeland-Englewood, FL

DAY #89

Time to leave Colt Creek State Park, and it’s been too short of a stay. Unfortunately, when I reserved the site, I could do so for only four days. Too bad, I would’ve liked to have stayed longer. There’s a lot of things to see and do in the area (none of which I did), and Tampa was just down the road. Reluctantly, I locked down, hooked up, screwed my head on straight, and headed down the road, next stop, Myakka State Forest in Englewood, FL.

I had some trepidation’s about the next stop. The State Forest site that I booked doesn’t have electric or water hookups, plus no flushing toilets/showers. It’s what’s called a “primitive campsite.” When I was planning the journey, the State Forest site was all I could find available that fit the time and place I wanted to be. I can make do without running water, but I’ve grown accustomed to the finer things in trailer living, like electricity and flushing toilets. Now the trailer has the capacity to hold 40 gallons of water to use for drinking, Showering, etc, and there is a tank for waste. The problem in that is I’ve been a little slow in sanitizing the water tank which they recommend before use. I’ve had the time and opportunity to get it sanitized, it’s not a difficult process. It’s like with the city water hookup and hot water heater, I don’t know why I drag my feet, why I’m so hesitant to getting it done. Maybe two weeks without, will leave the impression on me I desperately need.

Because of the lack of amenities at the State Forest, I had decided to take a short detour along the way and stop at Myakka State Park (not forest) to check on any possible walk-in sites available.
When I set out for the State Park, I set it up on google maps, and put my faith in it to steer me along the right course. Usually it does the job just fine but today, it messed up. I faithfully followed the directions given and arrived at the State Park. The only problem was, it was the north gate and that gate is only open weekends and holidays. I had to back up the trailer in a tiny spot (not fun), and wing it on my own to find where I thought would be the south gate. After a bit of a detour, I found the south gate and ranger station. This is the second time google has given me bum directions to a park.
Checked at the Ranger Station, and bummer, no sites available, it was off to the deep primitive woods for this kid for the next two weeks.

The drive was longer this trip but still not too bad, only 175 miles. I think I took every kind of road on this segment. Started on dirt, then county roads (my favorite), state highways, U.S. highways, and finally Interstate. The weather was stunning, the views scenic, and the roads were good, which made the drive a quite enjoyable one.

Made it to the State Forest, Drove a mile down the dirt road to the Administration building and checked in.

The campsite was another 1/3 mile and I was somewhat surprised by its entrance. You have to open/close the gate every time you use it. There’s a lock that you get the code from at the Admin. building.

The road continues on for another three miles.

After driving into the campground my first thought was…rustic?

There’s ten sites in this campground, of which 1/2 are tent only. I drove down to the road (path) and found site #3, home for the next two weeks. I wasn’t sure at first if I could back the trailer into the site, it was definitely a challenge.

Once in, it was a very nice site, very nice.

Got the generator out of the truck bed and started it up. It started without hassle (thank you!). It’s a little louder than I thought it would be, but seems to be working.

My thoughts on the new home for the next two weeks, it’s rustic, big time!