01/07/19 Fruitland Park, FL

DAY #79

I didn’t’ have anything planned and it was another courageous day (they never get old) out.

The park has a second trail, so feeling spry and energetic (for about three minutes), I put on my walking shoes and off to the trail I went.

This trail runs for 1.9 miles. It was a well marked, level and easy to walk trail, at least for part of the way. With all the needles from the pines carpeting the ground, it was really soft walking.

Not far into the walk the ground turned to water, and you continued the walk balancing on two 2 x 6 placed side by side, oh yea, a challenge.

After meeting the challenge, I continued to the end of the trail and began the walk back.

This park really is an oasis in a desert of development.

There are some big Oaks in the park.

After walking the trail, I did another 1/2 mile walk down a spur to the lake and back. It was a different spur from the one the other day. After that, I walked back to the trailer, took off my shoes, and proceeded to recharge. Seriously, it was something I should (and need) to do, and it felt good doing it.

Impressionist painting by nature.
What do you see?

What did I do today? I took a walk in the park.