01/16/19 Lakeland, FL

DAY #88

Last full day at Colt Creek State Park. I’m finding that three days isn’t long enough at a stop, at least for me. I’m just getting revved up to get out and about and pow, it’s time to hit the road again. I think my laid back pace might have gotten tuned down a little too far. I need to turn it up and be more active next stop.

I did go into Dade City and do laundry. The laundromat was old and dingy. From its water stained, rotting drop down ceiling, to its faded linoleum floors. The washers and dryers were past their prime about ten years ago. The owner, who I got change from, looked about as vibrant and healthy as his business. In the end, I didn’t have to jockey for a washer or dryer and the clothes did appear to be clean.

A relic of Old Florida
Another remnant of a by-gone era.

Coming back from doing the laundry, I perused the park. The spread used to be owned by two brothers who raised cattle and cut timber on the land. They also did some mining for limestone resulting in a couple of large pits which today look amazingly natural, not man made.

At one time this was a man made big hole in the ground.

Lets take a drive down the park roads.

A palm tree all alone.

01/15/19 Lakeland, FL

DAY #87

Got up this morning and made a bad mistake, I turned the TV on. One 1/2 hour sitcom, turned into a one hour court TV show, followed by another, and then a movie hadn’t seen in ages. Next thing I know, its 4:00 pm and with sunset at 6:00 pm, no time to do anything.

Just a nice do nothing day, and a really nice place to do it (nothing)

01/14/19 Lakeland, FL

DAY #86

The only thing accomplished today, was to go into Lakeland to get a light bulb to replace the one under the hood vent in the trailer, it had burned out. I did take the long way there and back, just to get a feel of the area.

Ugh, as you leave the tranquility of the park and the connected Green Swamp Wildlife Management Area (which is a big area), you transition into exurbia-Lakeland style. Not fun driving down these corridors of commerce when compared to the back roads of the park.

Went back to the trailer and replaced the bulb. Yea, it worked. Even something as tiny as changing a bulb feels good when it works.

This guy looked so serious.

01/13/19 Fruitland Park-Lakeland, FL

DAY #85

The next stop on the journey was only 47 miles away, and with a 1:00 pm checkout, I decided to make it a “late start” kind of day. I seem to have quite a few of these and you know what, I like them.

Bidding Lake Griffin State Park a fond farewell, I put the truck in gear, locked in the coordinates, and away I went. It was a nice drive, tree lined and rural most of the way. One thing that continues to “pull my chain” is all the garbage you see on the sides of the roads. Made it to Colt Creek State Park and after checking in at the ranger station, off I went to find the campsite.

The drive to the campsite was about a mile from the entrance, with most of the way being on paved roads, it was only the last 1/4 mile where the pavement ends and the dirt (sand) begins.

Where the pavement ends.

This is Florida’s newest State Park and what I saw on the drive in, I liked.

I found my site, pulled in, and setup. All in all, a really nice arrangement. I like that I didn’t have to back-in, and that the site was level.

It’s a nice campground.

Lots of TV stations coming in which I have to admit, I like, and the Verizon signal, is OK for surfing, but not much else (e.g. uploading). I’m amazed at how much data I’ve used in the past month. Its like twice as much as I normally used in Osakis. I wonder, is there a difference between Cell Data & DSL?

Only here for the next three days, I’m thinking the times going to go quick.