01/13/19 Fruitland Park-Lakeland, FL

DAY #85

The next stop on the journey was only 47 miles away, and with a 1:00 pm checkout, I decided to make it a “late start” kind of day. I seem to have quite a few of these and you know what, I like them.

Bidding Lake Griffin State Park a fond farewell, I put the truck in gear, locked in the coordinates, and away I went. It was a nice drive, tree lined and rural most of the way. One thing that continues to “pull my chain” is all the garbage you see on the sides of the roads. Made it to Colt Creek State Park and after checking in at the ranger station, off I went to find the campsite.

The drive to the campsite was about a mile from the entrance, with most of the way being on paved roads, it was only the last 1/4 mile where the pavement ends and the dirt (sand) begins.

Where the pavement ends.

This is Florida’s newest State Park and what I saw on the drive in, I liked.

I found my site, pulled in, and setup. All in all, a really nice arrangement. I like that I didn’t have to back-in, and that the site was level.

It’s a nice campground.

Lots of TV stations coming in which I have to admit, I like, and the Verizon signal, is OK for surfing, but not much else (e.g. uploading). I’m amazed at how much data I’ve used in the past month. Its like twice as much as I normally used in Osakis. I wonder, is there a difference between Cell Data & DSL?

Only here for the next three days, I’m thinking the times going to go quick.

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