02/01/19 Palmdale, FL

DAY #104

Wow, it’s already February, the time is going by so fast. Last week the temperatures were cool down here (Florida), but this week looks nice, highs in the upper 70s, oh yea, I like that.

Noticed this morning that a lot of the other campers had left, sure gave the campground a different look, its almost spacious. I’ll enjoy it while I can, I’m sure all these sites will be filled by evening.

Today was get acquainted to the area day. I drove up to Lake Placid and back, taking in the views along the way. Lake Placid is 28 miles north of the site and you can get there by four lane highway (its an easy drive). It was neat seeing the orange groves that dotted both sides of the road. One thing I’ve noticed is the campsite is somewhat isolated, you’re 15-20 miles from the closet town.

The road runs straight and true.

Lake Placid is a small city located in a area dotted with lakes. The lakes run the gamut in size, from ponds all the way up to the 27,000 acre, lake Istokpoga. It’s a nice oasis.

One of the many lakes in the area.

One thing that stood out as I gave the town the ‘once over’ was a 240 ft tower rising from the ground. Evidently, it had been built back in the 60s as an attraction and included a couple of observation points. Interesting, but apparently it never took off. Today it’s only function is to serve as a cell phone tower.

It’s an interesting area worthy of further exploration.

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