02/02/19 Palmdale, FL.

DAY #105

Another lazy day in store. It’s really nice to just hang out and watch the world go bye, especially with temps in the upper 70s.

The one thing I accomplished today, was to fill and rinse the fresh water tank. Now I just need to check the water pump and if it’s a go, I’m ready to head back into the woods (OK, I’m a little reluctant) and do some primitive camping.

As I thought, the RVs, trailers, and tents arrived last night and filled the campsite up. I have to say that even with a full house, the noise from the other campers were almost absent. The only real noise you hear, is from the cars and trucks on the highway that runs just outside the campground, that and the occasional train that runs parallel to the road, that runs parallel to the campground.

It’s a decent campground. It’s well laid out and has full hookups, including sewer. The bathrooms and showers are within walking distance and are clean. I’ve become spoiled, it is so nice to have these aminities.

At one time the campground was privately owned and operated by a family that looks to still hold a lot of property in the area. At some point, the area was bought by the state of Florida. They kept the campground open and turned the rest of the land into a wildlife management area.

It’s a nice site in a nice area, I’m glad (and fortunate) to have the opportunity to spend some time here.

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