02/03/19. Palmdale, FL

DAY #106

Great way to start the day. Had some rain last night and elated to report, no leaking around the fan in the bathroom. I think it still needs to be looked at, but it’s good to know it’s not an emergency.

Yesterday, I enjoyed doing nothing, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it again today. Slept in late (gee, when was the last time that happened? Uh, how about yesterday), and then after poking around for awhile, took a drive to Moore Haven, FL. which is located 17 miles down the road.

The two most exciting things about Moore Haven, was the State Prison, and the bridge over the Caloosahatchee canal. I drove along the canal (it looks just like a river) for about 5 miles, it was a nice drive. Moore Haven, is a small, quiet town that the world of 55+ deed restricted communities has yet to discover.

Capacity is 985
Privately run prison.
Prison for profit? Don’t like it, don’t like it at all.

Came back in time to watch the Super Bowl. The TV reception here isn’t the best and I could not get CBS which was airing the game. I was able to go online and through Amazon Fire Stick, stream the game. Still, not a good connection with lots of stopping and buffering (?) but hey, better than nothing.

The weather continues to be fantastic, slight breeze and temps in the mid 70s. It’s so nice, even doing nothing is a day in itself.

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