02/04/19 Palmdale, FL.

DAY #107

Took some time to check out the wildlife area outside of the campground. Went down to the river and wow, what a view.

Fisheating Creek.

As I was walking around, I met a couple of new friends.

Looks like these two already know each other.

Next on the ‘to do’ list was going to La Belle, FL. La Belle is 16 miles from the campground, and is another quiet (albeit bigger) town, La Belle, like Moore Haven, are nice little communities that really don’t leave much of a lasting impression. That’s not to say they’re bad places, they’re not. Rather, it says that nothing really jumps out and grabs you. They’re what I would describe as ‘working towns.’

While these two towns may not have wowed me, I’m finding the area around the campground (which includes Moore Haven and La Belle) to be a very interesting area, and I’m finding the more I see, the more I like.

I did find a place to eat that turned out to be a real satisfying experience. It was BBQ, and it was good.

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